lunes, 14 de mayo de 2012

Assignment 1

Why I decided to be a teacher?

The main reason for why I decided to be a teacher is because I love teaching also I love learning and I think this profession is the clear example that you learn and teach at the same time.
I believe that the work of teacher is very a very important job, it is a hard work but gratifying, then more in Infant education when children always have a lot of love for their teachers and they always give the teacher all their love independently of what they receive.
I have to say that in fact my dream, my goal was to be a History teacher and that’s why I am also studying History at UNED. I’m very interested in History and I would be delighted to be a History teacher someday. Definitely , the only thing that I’m sure is that I want to be a teacher whatever the subject I teach.

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